Why Love Hurts!

One might say Venus was ambitious in her love for Adonis – she actually wanted to come before his hunting! [Er, yes: pun intended – sorry!]

“Since thou art dead, lo, here I prophesy: Sorrow on love hereafter shall attend”
Venus and Adonis, William Shakespeare – ‘Venus mourning Adonis’, Peter Paul Rubens
Painting Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Still, Venus and Adonis is a sad tale (even if Shakespeare plays with it a bit) and one that apparently accounts for the heartache love can bring, with Venus – Goddess of Love – spreading her pain.

The anemone flower is said to have been created by Adonis’ blood, possibly mixed with Venus’ tears or the nectar of the Gods (depending on source).

Purple anemone
Image: InspiredImages, Pixabay

Inspired by @HollowCrownFans and their #ShakespeareSunday on Twitter, the theme being Ambition & Prophecy, chosen by the African-American Shakespeare Company.