Who am I?

I’d love to know what sort of situation / role you would associate with these different shots by the excellent David Ho of Headshots Scotland:

1 (side look)

2 (direct, smiling)

3 (laughing)

4 (smile with tilt to head)

5 (slight angle)

Considering the above as 1 (side look), 2 (direct, smiling), 3 (laughing), 4 (smile with tilt to head) and 5 (slight angle), what do you think? Which image expresses what for you?


At Frank Gilhooley’s Masterclass in December 2018 – among great actors’ release work with fantastic people – Headshots Scotland visited, setting up quickly with just 10 minutes per participant.

I highly recommend Headshots Scotland, and also Frank Gilhooley’s classes, which really open people up to make connections, within ourselves as well as with others.

Here’s one of the new shots, taken by the delightful David Ho, who works with fellow photographer Sandie Knudsen as Headshots Scotland. I took a while to post here – the shots themselves were sent very quickly: excellent service!

Danielle Farrow by David Ho of Headshots Scotland