Into the Woods with Titania

“And so I go to the woods. As I go in under the trees, dependably, almost at once, and by nothing I do, things fall into place. I enter an order that does not exist outside, in the human spaces….I am less important than I thought. I rejoice in that.”

Wendell Berry: Essays 1969-1990
‘A Native Hill’ from ‘The Long-Legged House’, 1969
Edvard Munch – The Fairy Forest

Titania appreciates humans who understand the special nature of woods, and the Fairy Queen sometimes even appears to these mortals.

She can assume various guises – here she channels the spirit of Edvard Munch (famous for ‘The Scream’ painting)…

How long before you see her in Munch’s Fairy Forest?

If you would like to see Titania in person, visit the Edinburgh Fairy Embassy at Paradise Green, where she, Oberon and Puck will be welcoming visitors.

Please book your time here: Where Do Fairies Come From?

Bodily Fluids – January 2018

January was full of the best and worst of life!

I had two great acting projects with very talented and lovely people:

Acting Project 1 A new writing play, ‘Vaults’ by Jonathan Whiteside, already performed to delighted audiences as part of the Edinburgh Horror Festival in October 2017 (where people responded with the hoped for cries of both shock and laughter), and now touring to Dumfries and Galloway. I played the leader of a ghost hunting expedition with a twist – a great twist, and a great role!

Concerned Professor, Vaults
An audience member told me I was older in character, but then younger for the bow…

Bow, Vaults
Looking at pictures afterwards, I could actually see what was meant!

Acting Project 2 An excerpt of another new writing play also previously performed, but new for me. This was ‘Orlando’, adapted from Virginia Woolf‘s intriguing novel by Emily Ingram for Some Kind of Theatre. I worked on the role of Writer, a Woolf type figure, and research was also interesting for this – I looked forward to more, should another production take place after we performed the extract at the Formation Festival in February.

At home, though, there was much cleaning of bodily fluids from carpet, bed, toilet, hall, etc. which culminated in my mother being taken to hospital, where visits continued for some time before care resumed at home again later in the month.

I have been a carer off and on since I was a child, but for mental health issues. As a member of various care groups (including a co-founding member and committee member of Empathy in Mind), I have heard a lot about what people have to do to look after their loved ones. Being used to aspects of mental health caring, I am often in awe of how others manage with physical ailments. Now I had to step up to the plate here myself (with help from my brother).

Once again, life showed the human capacity to do what is required of us, and that assistance from others is very much to be sought as well as appreciated. In fact, from my experience, any ongoing ‘doing what is required’ does actually require help from others – else you can wind up as I did, back in 2015, having to take time out for a while simply to be able to function on the most basic level.

For anyone in an unpaid caring role, I urge you to find out what is available in your area if you have yet to do so. For Edinburgh, check out the Carer Programme at the Eric Liddell Centre, VOCAL and Care for Carers as a start – there is more available and these groups can signpost as well as help in their own ways.

Meeting with friends was also important and wonderful, keeping me smiling and capable, and then the importance of a great cast and production team was amply demonstrated when I briefly took ill myself…

I had a migraine for the first night of Vaults. This involved stopping the car repeatedly en route to the venue so I could be sick – more of those bodily fluids! – and finding a place for me to lie down while others did all the work of set up and preparation. Huge thanks to everyone involved in providing for me and looking after me!

And yes, I was able to perform – that old miracle Dr Theatre! Vomiting recommenced after the show, but at least it waited until we’d returned to our digs.

Shakespeare in January: Modern First Folio Edition play-reading of The Tempest, with director John Paul McGroarty joining us (and drawing Prospero in the cast lottery) – lots of interesting chat after, including re. Simon Russell Beale’s recent portrayal; actor Eliza Langland held a ‘Shakespeare Party’, which I reached in the snow on coming back from Dumfries and Galloway. We looked at scenes from ‘Macbeth’, swapping roles around. There was much hilarity, as well as Mackers and cue script exploring, and, of course, cake!

Note to self: I love working with others on ideas and development, and thoroughly enjoyed time spent with a friend looking at goals for 2018, using Michael Hyatt’s Best Year Ever course / book. That said, when it comes to focusing fully on such a project, I need my own space and time, in a concentrated block, in order to really benefit and move forward with this kind of work.

Coming up next month: Orlando showing, horror and more Mackers!