Maya Angelou & Defeat

Maya Angelou on encountering defeats & not being defeated - Pinterest

Wonderful wisdom from Dr Maya Angelou interviewed by Marianne Schnall, including (among so much!) courage and courtesy, words and the arts, and the difference between being brought low and being reduced.

Looking after myself today, I decided on a day off – this meant doing whatever came up that I actually felt up to doing. The result was creating this image for social media sharing (as well as some housework I managed to tackle).

I always like to find the source for quotes whenever possible (the amount falsely attributed to William Shakespeare is ridiculous! – you can see just a few on this NOT by William Shakespeare Pinterest Board), and I was very happy to find a source for this one.

Maya Angelou is such an inspiration, as she once again shows here, and this interview was a beautiful part of my day off – I hope you enjoy it, too!

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