Citizens Theatre – On The Move

Yes – great to see the Muses statues accompanied by Robert Burns and William Shakespeare!
Muses: Thalia (Comedy), Melpomene (Tragedy), Terpsichore (Dance) and Euterpe (Music)
Reckon I can point out 2 of these, but can’t quite tell if that’s a comedy or tragedy mask.
What do you think?

University of Glasgow Library Blog

STA Ex 25 30q Citizens Theatre, Glasgow. Ref: STA Ex25/30q

Glasgow’s Citizens Theatre company is to move out of its home in the Gorbals for the first time in its 72 year history, from June 2018, the building will be closed for two years for a major redevelopment.

First opened in 1878 as the Royal Princess’s Theatre, the Citizens company have been in their Grade B listed Gorbals home since 1945 – making it the second oldest operational theatre in the UK, preceded only by Leeds Grand which opened 6 weeks earlier.

STA PH 483 Exterior of the Royal Princess’s Theatre, Glasgow advertising “Tammy Twister”. December 1933. Ref: STA PH 483

The building shared an exterior with the adjacent Palace, which featured columns taken from the Union Bank in Ingram Street and several large statues which were the work of the sculptor John Mossman (1817-1890).

The statues represent the inspiration the muses have provided in…

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